3 Questions to Ask When Hiring a House Cleaning Service

Hiring someone to come into your home is a big decision. Here are three important questions you must ask before you hire anyone to clean your home.

Question #1: Are You Licensed, Bonded, and Insured?

Licensing in the housecleaning industry simply means that the person or business is licensed with the municipality as a business. Licensing doesn’t provide you with any legal protection, but it can give you a sense of how professionally the business conducts itself. Anyone can start cleaning houses by posting a few ads online. But if they invest the time and money to license their business, there is a greater chance that they are committed, professional, and trustworthy.

Bonding is very important when you bring someone into your home. Why? Because it is a type of insurance that businesses buy in case their employees steal something from you. If a house cleaning company is bonded, and an employee takes more than the trash out of your house, the company can file a claim with their bonding insurance to have the item replaced. If they don’t have this insurance, and the business can’t afford to replace the missing item, you may be out of luck.

Most customers know about and want the person coming in to clean their home to have a general liability insurance policy. They want to know that if something valuable is broken or damaged, the business has the insurance coverage to replace it. That one is easy!

The final, most important insurance (in my opinion at least) is worker compensation. If the person coming in to clean your home is not covered by WCB, you as the homeowner or renter are legally responsible for any injury that happens in your home.

So, if the cleaner is vacuuming your stairs, trips and falls and breaks her leg, she can legally come after you for lost wages, and more. So while it’s nice to know that liability insurance will cover you in case the cleaning person spills on your laptop or bleach onto your rare orchid, make sure you ask about WCB coverage when hiring a house cleaning company to come into your home. It could help you avoid a major bill.

Question #2: How Many People Will Come Into My Home?

There is no correct answer to this question. Different businesses bring in different numbers of people for each job, and in most cases, Zen Maids Calgary chooses in most cases to have one cleaner. Here are some pros and cons to consider:

One person is a good option if you work from home because the cleaner can quietly work around you. Another positive is that the work gets done more efficiently because there isn't much chance of one cleaner inadvertently doing the same work twice or one cleaning professional assuming that the other already took care of something and your cleaner can build a rapport with you and your family, leading to an overall better relationship and house cleaning experience.

The obvious downside of having one person do the job is that it will take longer. If you prefer to not have someone in your house for hours at a time, you may want to consider having multiple people come at each visit, which leads us to the positive aspects of having multiple cleaners at one time. Most obviously, the work gets done faster. If a job would take one person 4 hours, then two people will be in and out in around 2 hours.

Question #3: What happens if I am unhappy with my cleaning?

Some cleaning services only offer a specified percent off your next service if you are displeased. If you are dissatisfied and they won’t fix it, why would you even want to use them again? A reputable service should come back immediately and do whatever necessary to fix the problem, or be willing to offer you your money back. At Zen Maids Calgary, we offer a 100% money-back happiness guarantee on every job that we do so you can rest assured that you will be completely satisfied with our work!

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