Those Darn Streaky Mirrors & How To Banish Them For Good

Glass Cleaner Spray Bottle

Streaky mirrors are a pain in the butt. They're unsightly, and even if they're technically clean, well - they just don't look clean! We're going to reveal to you the secret recipe to our no-streak glass and mirror cleaner. Whip this recipe up quickly and affordably and use it to ban streaky mirrors from your existence with a natural cleaning recipe with a key ingredient that you would never have thought of.

First, a note on materials: gone are the days of using newspaper to clean your glass and mirrors. The ink dyes have changed over the years and the new formulas just don't allow the newspaper to absorb like they used to. Paper towel? Way too linty, and kind of wasteful.

The best cleaning material? A flat-weave microfibre cloth. Don't have one on hand? No problem - regular paper coffee filters make a great alternative. Layer 2-3 coffee filters for best results.

On to the super awesome recipe that we at EcoFrog use to clean your glass and mirrors:

In a spray bottle mix,

4 parts water

1 part white distilled vinegar

1 teensy drop of dish soap

1/2 tsp cornstarch. yes, cornstarch.

2-5 drops of essential oils of choice (optional)

I am no scientist, and I can't tell you why cornstarch works - somethingsomethingsciencesciencesomething is all I got. But what matters is that it works. Really well.

Shake before use, and enjoy your shiny, clean, and most importantly - streak-free, lint-free glass and mirrors using safe, effective, all natural cleaning products!


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