We're serious about green cleaning. We don't appreciate consumers being misled by so-called "green" products that are just as or more damaging to the environment and health (also known as "greenwashing"). That's why we're very transparent about every single cleaning product we use - so you can be confident that our products are safe for your home, your family, your pets, and our environment. 


Our Arsenal of Natural Cleaning Products








Essential Oils

We use organic therapeutic essential oils like lavender, lemon, and lime in our cleaning products. Our essential oils have astringent germ killing properties, as well as help to evoke a sense of calm and tranquility throughout your home.


Nature's Ultimate No Dye 100% Orange Peel Oil

Made with 100% oils from orange peels, this is an effective, powerful kitchen degreaser with a wonderful fresh orange scent. www.naturesultimate.com


Shaklee Scour-Off 

A heavy-duty scrunging solution made of ground cherry pits. Truly smells like fresh cherries and delivers excellent scrubbing power inside the oven or on tubs and showers with lots of build-up. www.shaklee.com


Nature Clean Multi-Surface Cleaner Concentrate 

Our team's favourite product! Everyone loves the fresh lime scent of this highly concentrated surfactant that uses a combination of pungent limes with antimicrobial tea tree oil. We dilute a lot to use it as a glass cleaner, and dilute it just a little bit to tackle bigger greasy messes in the kitchen www.naturecleanliving.com


Shaklee Basic G

Shaklee's germicidal formula is used in bathrooms and on high touch surfaces like handles, light switches, and door knobs. Bacteria, fungi and viruses can wreck havoc on your family's health and safety. Basic G tackles over 60 of these pesky microbes, including several animal viruses, while remaining safe for your family and the environment. www.shaklee.com


Baking soda 

A mild abrasive and water softener that helps to deodorize while it cleans. We use this primarily to create our famous tub scrub and in sinks for that beautiful shine. Baking soda is a great alternative to toxic scrubbing agents like Vim or Comet, and helps tackle hard water stains too!  


Nature Clean Toilet Bowl Cleaner

Did you know that most toilet bowl cleaners are highly toxic and corrosive because they contain an ingredient called Hydrochloric Acid? Not only does this ingredient cause etching in porcelain toilet bowls, but it can cause skin, eye, nose, throat, sinus and lung irritation. It can damage the kidneys, liver, and central nervous system. And, they’re deadly poisonous if swallowed. Nature Clean's toilet bowl cleaner is created without hydrochloric acid so it’s non-toxic and non-corrosive. The citric acid cleans while Australian Tea Tree Oil adds natural antiseptic properties. www.naturecleanliving.com